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Palliative Care

To hear that your family member has begun the journey of palliative care can be a time of intense emotions, confusion, fear and sadness.

Smarter Living Choices can provide you with a hand to hold whilst you and your family begin the journey.

Smarter Living Choices staff can assist in all stages of a person’s palliative journey, and the palliative care can be commenced at any time. We can provide support to allow the carer to step back from the caring role and resume the role of wife, husband, son, daughter or family member.

Little things can make the world of difference. We can provide assistance with:

Domestic tasks - allowing us to assist with the daily chores of house cleaning

Respite -to allow you to take some time for yourself whilst knowing your loved one is safe and being taken care of

Personal Care- of your loved one, help with washing, shaving, oral care and changing

Someone to sit and have a cuppa with - someone outside the family circle to help answer any questions you may have or what the process of the palliative journey will be like and at the time of saying goodbye. Allow us to assist you.

We have a wonderful, caring and compassionate team that will work with you and your family to ensure the decision to care for your loved one at home is met with dignity and respect.

We pride ourselves on caring for a loved one and family undergoing palliative care as an honor. We endeavor to make the whole process as calm and peaceful as we can.

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